Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corn Meal Porridge

Here’s what rocked my world a few mornings ago and I’m attributing the craving in part to the Bob Marley song I can’t stop listening to at the moment.  The one where he sentimentally recalls cooking cornmeal porridge over an open fire in Kingston.  That plus an unbelievably ripe banana tipped the scales of making it for breakfast recently.

So easy.  And pure, unmitigated comfort.  

In homage to Bob Marley, I made a tropical version: 

Tropical Cornmeal Porridge

Almond Milk
1 dark, gooey-ripe banana
1 wire whisk

Follow instructions on the label for 1 serving, making sure to whisk often so it stays smooth.  When the cornmeal and milk are thickened, add the banana and keep whisking. No need to precut.  If it's super ripe it will dissolve without much effort.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. This was fun to read. Never considered making cornmeal porridge before. Maybe I will one day. I bet it's good. Love seeing your transformation. Amazing! Reading Women, Food and God at the moment. Lots of, well, food, for thought in that book. Motor is revving for my own transformation.