Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Recent Gluten and Dairy-Free* Lunch

OK everyone,  I have just one question to ask:  Do I look like I'm suffering?

Chef Bill recently surprised me with this creation:  a pan-seared burger with Montreal spice and melted goat gouda, served on sauted spinach and onions, and topped with an over-easy fried egg sprinkled with Paprika.  Every millimeter of it was mouthwatering.  The point I hope you've already connected with is, clean eating can be FABULOUS!  It's all in how you play it.

Many of you know about my yolk fetish (Bill definitely does), so it was with great pleasure that I dove into this succulent concoction. When possible I food combine (eat protein and carbs at separate times). In general when it comes to burgers, I can do without a bun, it's the cheese that's non-negotiable. Besides this was so off the carts in flavor and texture, I was too busy to notice.  One look a the photos and I hope it's clear that it's totally possible to clean and decadent!

Bon Appetit!

* By Dairy-Free, I'm referring to cow dairy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greens and Beans

Vegetables and I are still a work in progress. It's true I've dropped 185 pounds via DDPYOGA and clean eating, but I've yet to develop a burning passion for eating my veggies as regularly as my nutritionist (and DDP and Terri Lange) say I should.  Often, I modify their obtrusive texture by transforming them into velvety purees or comforting soups.

Case in point:  the succulent soup recipe below that my significant other (a trained chef) made me last night for dinner. He adapted it from the cookbook that Albany, N.Y.'s incomparable Cafe Capriccio published 20 years ago.

It's a simple, easy recipe that I love for both its flavor and ability to deliver a nutritional punch of fiber, greens, and in this case, protein (I made it the main course by topping it with two eggs poached in chicken broth).  It was a glorious meal, not just because it tasted so good, but because I evaded the dubious task of having to down a big bowls of cold greens. Instead, I sat down to a nice, piping hot bowl of THIS!

Greens and Beans

4 large cloves garlic chopped
1 1 pound can cannelini beans
1 large bag spinach or one head kale
5 strips bacon cooked and chopped (not crisp)
6 cups chicken stock (we used Swanson's low-sodium)
3 twists fresh pepper
dash sea salt
Tbs. Olive Oil
1 Tbs. bacon grease

In a large wok or Dutch oven, blanch garlic and olive oil and cook until just softened over medium heat. Add greens and wilt. Add beans, chopped bacon, and stock, and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve.  Optional: sprinkle with Peccorino cheese (a sheep milk cheese similar to parmesan); or top with two eggs poached in chicken broth.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arthur Boorman Tonight on DDP Radio!

DDP Radio Welcomes Special Guest From Team DDPYOGA, Arthur Boorman

Wednesday May 16, 2012 @ 9 PM EST, 347-994-1216

Some of you, from my YouTube video know that I had a lightbulb moment one afternoon in 2009 while watching Oprah.  There on the screen emanated Carnie Wilson, looking thinner, happier, and more radiant than I'd ever seen her. When I learned that Diamond Dallas Page and his DDPYOGA helped her attain such an achievement, I did some immediate Googling and found the Team DDP Yoga site, the DVD's, and the wonderful online journal of Terri Lange, Godmother of DDPYOGA. I also found Arthur Boorman's  famous transformation video.  To call it remarkable is an understatement. 

For many years, Arthur was as overweight and out of shape as I was that cold winter day three and a half years ago on my maiden viewing of "Arthur Walks."  But Arthur had more than excess weight plaguing him. He was a disabled American veteran who walked with canes.  For 15 years they were his constant companion. But somehow, through this magical, mystical system known as DDPYOGA, Arthur was out of the canes and sprinting at the end of the video.  That testimony, more than anything else showed me what was possible. I realized this was no ordinary 'before and after' smoke and mirrors gimmick.  Arthur made it clear throughout the video that he got what he got because of the time and energy he put into the workouts. There was no manipulation, no hollow or outlandish promises, and no suspicious time lapses.  Arthur put it out there plain, for all the world to see.  That's Arthur:  no fluff, no gimmicks. He gets to the point, tells it like it is and above all, gets the job done.

You may have heard that Arthur Boorman has exploded into nationally-known status thanks to his video going viral and a subsequent appearance on Good Morning America last week.  So, whether you've known about King Arthur for years or have just discovered his inspirational story, tonight's your chance to hear him live and even ask him a question (if you get in line quickly enough). He's the special guest on 
DDP RADIO at 9 p.m. EST tonight. DDP, Robert, Sparky, and I will take your calls and chatroom questions and hear from Arthur himself what keeps him motivated and in warrior-form after five years of the DDPYOGA lifestyle. 

We've got a great show lined up this week but, as always, the shows are only as good as YOUR participation, so get in line early with a question or a comment, either via the chatroom or by phoning in to be a part of the show.  Give us a call @ 
347-994-1216, and tell us how you are doing, or give a shout out to that
 Team DDP YOGA member who has inspired you.

Don't forget that if you miss the show live, you can always get every show that's ever been done, on demand, from the DDP Radio archives on 


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeling...Means Keeping It Off

How am I keeping 185 unwanted pounds off of me?  Hint:  Clean Eating and DDPYOGA are key, but they're only two-thirds of the equation. Here's the truth the corrupt and clueless diet industry doesn't want you to know.  The last thing they want is for a food addict to make a full recovery.