Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What You Didn't See On The News

My city's NBC affiliate did a wonderful job in profiling my transformation from fat to fit, underscoring the importance of change needing to occur from the inside out.  However, they left out a crucial element to my story:  the name of the 'long-distance mentor' who helped me out of the hole.  So here it is, officially: 


I've got a great story, there's no doubt. But in between this

and this

There was this:

No one makes it out of the hole of addiction and destructive behavior on their own.  I tried various diets, gurus, self-help books, and over-the-counter bottles of speed on and off, for 20-plus years. My turning point was finding Diamond Dallas Page via a Carnie Wilson TV appearance in January 2009. He helped transform Carnie, and I knew in my gut whatever he did with her would work for me.

I don't mean to imply that all it takes is the magic guru or mentor to make everything all better.  That's just more dieting-mentality-delusion.  Dallas was very up front about it being a total lifestyle change from the inside out. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy but is there in spades with support if he knows you're owning the changes and taking them seriously.

I was ready to finally come clean about the reasons I drugged myself with food.  And therefore ready to take his suggestions about eating clean and healthy and tailor them into something that felt natural enough to live with long-term.  Giving up gluten and cow dairy have changed my body like nothing else.  I was also ready to get off the chaise lounge and pop Dallas's YRG DVD's into the VCR.  Even at 345 pounds I was able to modify the moves he created of mixed martial arts, resistance training, and cardio to align with my ability at the time.   http://www.yrgfitness.com/

During that first year especially, he and Terri Lange (his first YRG pupil) guided me through the choppy waters of withdrawals from the foods I'd become addicted to over the years.  Without their guidance, I would not have had the focus or the information to make it out of the woods. 

Since that is the core thread of truth in my transformation story, I feel compelled to let the world know what got clipped in the editing room last week:  There would be no dramatic 'woman loses 170-pounds' story without Diamond Dallas Page.  Period.  I brought willingness to the table, he provided the YRG to strengthen my body, a clean way of eating to heal my body, and the emotional rocket fuel to get me to believe it was indeed possible at a point in my life where I'd lost all hope. 

You're the man DDP...and you always will be.


  1. And thanks for revealing the name of the man who helped you achieve your amazing weight-loss!

  2. Overall, I loved the news story on you, but if I had one complaint about it(ok, well two) it's that it could have been a little longer, but more importantly...the TOTAL blackout on the influence of DDP from the piece. That is a HUGE detail to not cover. What, is there some law against mentioning his freaking name?


  3. Diamond Dallas sounds like he is the perfect mentor for you! Thank you for mentioning him and hopefully News Channel 13 will do a piece on him since they know how instrumental he was in your transformation.

  4. Very amazing Story Stacey! The newsroom messes everything up but I believe you set it right here! Your right DDP was a huge help and without his program, the motivation! You have made a huge transformation! I feel like you too! Without YRG I'd still be 305 pounds or more!

    May God Bless you!

  5. thats great Stacey way to go this is so inspirational I can't wait for others to see your story and hopefully change there lives and become a better healthier them what could be better then give your self and your family the gift of a healthier happier you as you know the healthier you are the happier you are and there is nothing you can not over come your story proves as long as you want it bad enough you can accomplish whatever you want to and as long as you love your inside and out your beauty will shine throw for other to see you are quickly become a wonderful shining light that can lead other from the darkness just as Dallas lead you and I out of the darkness and into the light it is an AMAZING THING and I am proud to say I have been here with you throughout your journey way to go Stacey keep spreading the yrg love way to go

  6. Stacey,

    Your transformation story is truly amazing. Your body has changed in a way I never thought possible. The before and after shots are so inspiring. I know what a major influence Dallas has been on your life.

    You inspired me to order the YRG DVD's. I love that there is a real exercise program out there for those of us who have more than 10 pounds to lose. I know if you did it then I can, too!!!

    Thanks for the incentive to start my New Year off on the right foot! Blessing to you in 2011!!


  7. Hi Stacey!

    There really is so much that is inspirational and motivational about your journey, so THANK YOU for being amazing!

    This is great follow up information. I was wondering where the words about 'the man' were!

    People who choose to take control of their life and work for a healthier lifestyle know that their footprints are not the only one's on the path. Any of us that have taken that journey know that much of it was forged by and supported through YRG and DDP. That is worth the kudos and the nod.

    LL@90%, YRG4L,

  8. Stacey and I both stared YRG at the same time. I know first hand that she 100% credits Dallas Page and the YRG system for her new life. She really is a brilliant example of what Dallas's program (YRG) can do for a person. I am sure she wishes that the TV station would have allowed more information about Dallas in the story, sadly she can not control how the piece was edited. But, everyone who knows her knows about Dallas,YRG, and how it gave her a new life. I hope Dallas reads this and realizes how grateful Stacey and the rest of us YRG-ers are to him!!!


  9. Hey Stacey,

    Firstly your almost too good to be true (almost):) Your such an inspiration to me and so many others. You help give us hope and inspiration when we need it most.

    Such an amazing story Stacey. I know without the help of Dallas Page, I wouldn't have made the same steps forward towards owning my life as you have. I still can't believe they removed that aspect from the story. Like you said, nobody does it alone.

    He is a guide for a lot of us who are choosing to take control, and he's being that help and support for all of us, just like you now are, to so many of us as well.

    Thank you for being an inspiration. You are truly a blessing to share your wisdom with others.


  10. This is one of the MANY things I love about you Stacey!! You give credit where credit is due...you speak the truth.... and you are always willing to go back and make things right and make sure the right people are credited foir what they do! That is gratitude and humbleness and that is what an amazing woman like you is all about! Nice job Beautiful!!



    LOTS of comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy for you Stacey! Comments are so great, when we are doing a blog. Especially, a help blog, like this is. Grrrrrreat!!!!!

  12. And I gotta' go to his web site!

    Thank you for giving it again. I say "again", because I know I've read you say it before. But... -blush- I haven't gone.

    This time I will!!!!!!

    Thank you Stacey!

  13. Thanks for sharing 'the rest of the story.' I had a feeling there was more to it than just going to a gym.

  14. It's an amazing story, especially from my perspective - someone who has been witness to your struggles since the beginning. On the one hand it was great to see your triumph displayed so publically, but on the other, I couldn't help but think as it wrapped, "Aren't they forgetting something??"

    I realize this isn't "hard news," but does that diminish the journalistic ethic to tell the whole story? I don't think so. I am gratified to read you balance out the facts and credit Dallas Page for his not-so-insignificant role (understatement intended) in making this triumph a reality. Obviously you did the heavy lifting. I mean, you actually did the work and made the changes (and continue to). But Dallas Page lit the fuse, and as you said, gave you the fuel. I understand time constraints, but that was a glaring omission of almost propagandistic proportion. Without DDP, this story wouldn't be. That's just not an "optional" detail. Thanks for finishing their job for them.

    -JB Morris

  15. Stacey-
    You are such an inspiration to so many! I think there's even more to the story--how YOU got on DDPs radar, and then what you did to prove you were taking it all seriously. Thank you for exposing the mental side of dieting and taking control! Love love love your honesty. Diana

  16. Hi Stacey! Just read a call for G/F etc. recipes. And pointed her, to your blog.

    Her blog is "Small Notebook"...

    Happy New Year's hugs...

  17. Ms. Stacey,
    You are still an inspriration to my heart and soul. I too was quite puzzled when DDP was not mentioned in the broadcast, although I realize it was about you and your success. I have seen what true dedication and hard work can do and I still aim to follow in your footsteps.

  18. Everyone - Thank You for your kind words and support.

    @ Jeanne - You already are! It's in motion...That's how it works...when you're not looking :)